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Were The Order of Angels vs Demons looking for the Best, Bravest and Honorables Warriors in the World of Spiral Knight to Defeat The Clockworks and Bring Peace to the Realm of SK one and for all... You faith lies with us!
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Guild News

a new in game Bugfix Release 6-13-2011

isroman, Jun 13, 11 10:38 PM.

A bugfix release will go out today that mostly includes behind the scenes stuff but also includes additional gameplay bugfixes and a new feature:

Energy Packages

- A new Party Pack is available for purchase if you have never purchased the Starter Pack. The Party Pack is a Starter Pack for you as well as three additional Starter Packs to gift to your friends. The Party Pack costs $59.95, making it a 'buy 3 get 1 free' deal for Starter Packs.
- A new Gift tab is available from the Spiral Uplink interface if you are in possession of any Starter Packs to gift.
- Purchasing a Starter Pack, Party Pack or accepting a Starter Pack gift removes your option of purchasing either the Starter Pack or the Party Pack. Essentially, you may only gain the benefits of a Starter Pack once.


- Fixed an issue allowing jelly cubes and lichens to send their ground spikes across chasms and under blocks. Now if they cannot 'reach' you, they cannot hurt you.
- Fixed an issue causing rockets, flamethrowers and other bullets to change elevation across chasms.
- Fixed an issue with awarding the "Dauntless Delver" and "Cradle and All" achievements after parties were split.
- Fixed the Static Flash tooltip incorrectly stating that the bomb dealt the Freeze status effect.

Roar of the Snarbolax 6-2-2011

isroman, Jun 2, 11 6:38 PM.

A new update will be going out later today!. It includes:

New Boss Stratum:

The Clockworks have just revealed a new, perilous boss stratum for Tier 1 Knights to challenge, The Gloaming Wildwoods. However new recruits should take heed - this dense forest is home to a fearsome creature known as the Snarbolax. Said to be a massive beast draped in living shadows, this dark predator enjoys toying with its prey before delivering the final blow. It is advised that only Knights who have mastered Tier 1 take on this formidable beast as those who have entered unprepared have never returned!

Should you return from the Wildwoods victorious, with Frumious Fangs in hand, you'll find that Brinks has a new selection of 2* items available for trade. These include:

- The Snarble Barb, a piercing sword that fires razor sharp barbs
- The Spine Cone, a piercing bomb
- The Bristling Buckler, a spiny shield that raises sword attack power

All three of these items can be further upgraded through 5* provided you acquire their recipes from Basil.

2* Snarble Barb (token reward only)
3* Twisted Snarble Barb
4* Dark Thorn Blade
5* Barbarous Thorn Blade

2* Spine Cone (token reward only)
3* Twisted Spine Cone
4* Spike Shower
5* Dark Briar Barrage

2* Bristling Buckler (token reward only)
3* Twisted Targe
4* Dark Thorn Shield
5* Barbarous Thorn Shield

New Mission Objectives:

Boss stratums now issue players an email upon entering from Spiral HQ requesting the recovery of an Alpha Squad recon module. Players will also get a new ‘current objective’ whenever they are in that boss stratum and have not yet completed the objective.

The end of each boss stratum features a recon module that issues players an artifact when the player interacts with it (approaching it and pressing the attack button).

The artifact will provide some insight in to the expedition of the Alpha Squad. The artifact can only be claimed once and is stored permanently in your arsenal.

Additional changes:


- Fixed an issue on Emerald Axis II where it was possible to leave the gold key behind.
- Replaced most health pads with heart blocks in Firestorm Citadel.
- Fixed an issue whereby players would appear under the floor in Haven and Royal Jelly levels.


- Fixed an issue preventing the Rigadoon and Flamberge series of weapons from applying their status damage during some charge attacks

A Beastly Limerick Competition Heralding the Snarbolax

isroman, Jun 1, 11 3:41 PM.

Beware the Snarbolax, my Knight!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
~~~~~~Nick the Impostocube~~~~~~

Greetings fellow knights and knightlings from the Obsidians!

In anticipation of the NEW CONTENT boss, the Snarbolax, as hinted by Nick the Impostocube, the Obsidians have decided to hold an epic poetry competition for all knights and knightlings. We have a few unbound items left over and some previously useless UVs as prizes. We haven't placed a firm deadline on the competition, but lets just say the competition will be open till at least 1 week after the new boss goes online, whenever that is.

The judges of the limerick competition are the Obsidian alphas Raspberry and Thebadger.

The Epic Limerick Competition is open to all knights. We were going to keep the competition open only to new knightlings who have not reached Tier2. However, by the time the competition closes, enthusiastic knightlings may have already reached Tier2 or even Tier3. So we decided to keep the competition open to all levels of knights within the Spiral Knights realm.

Submit 1 limerick only based on the new beast themed Snarbolax to this thread. Please include your IGN (In Game Name). Yes, we know limericks are traditionally bawdy, but PLEASE KEEP YOUR LIMERICK ENTRIES CLEAN! Otherwise, your entry may get nuked by a GM.If you don't know what a limerick is, please check the Wiki definition at

Judging Bars:
50% Conformity to limerick convention
50% Conformity to theme
50% Creativity and originality
(Wait! Rasp, that's 150%! Derp! Well the judging bars are similar to the damage and protection bars attached to our gear and weapon information cards. Hence, in theory, visual representation can go beyond the maximum with no specific identifiable hard cap! There may also be an undocumented feature to the Judging Bars such as bonus points for humor.)

The Toys:
Since the new boss content is a Tier1 beast theme, the winner of the competition will receive some previously useless 1* and 2* UV toys in addition to some 3* and 4* goodies which are especially useful against beasties.

  • 1* UV Haze Bomb with High UV extra bonus damage to beasts
  • 2* UV Troika with Medium UV extra bonus damage to beasts
  • 3* Non UV Magnus
  • 4* Non UV Grand Flourish (unbound)

Reference Links:

in Game Updat 5-26-2011

isroman, May 26, 11 6:40 PM.

An update will be released today that includes some new features:


You can now earn a wide variety of achievements in Spiral Knights. Achievements can be viewed on the Character Panel under the 'Achievements' tab. We plan on further developing our achievement system in the future, including adding more achievements in future updates.


The Heat Amplifier is now available from the Upgrade Merchant. This upgrade grants the user 20% extra heat for 48 hours.


- Devilite Yesmen no longer drop loot as if they were defeated when they change jobs.
- Devilite Pit Bosses now get demoted to grunts if they lose their work force.

The Starter Pack

A new energy package is available called 'The Starter Pack.' This energy package can be purchased one time per account. It contains 7500 crystal energy for 19.95 (the standard 19.95 package) but also includes:
* 5 mist tanks
* 1 heat amplifier
* 2 trinket slot upgrades
* 2 weapon slot upgrades
* A 1* unique bomb, the Static Flash
* A 1* unique shield, the Green Ward
* A commemorative Artifact

All items are character-bound. The Static Flash and Green Ward have a chance for a unique variant as well, just as if they were crafted.

Gate Creation

- Stratums no longer have a progress meter during the gate creation phase.
- Stratums no longer lock after a certain point. Themes are decided based on whichever minerals are in that stratum the moment the gate launches. You can now continue to modify them up to the last second!
- Boosting has been removed. The boosting system was not working as intended. We are currently developing new methods for players to influence the autoselling of other players and have more control over the outcome of gates.
- Mineral payouts have been modified to adjust to the new changes. The system will still pay out a maximum of 5 crowns for a needed mineral, but will pay less if it is not needed.

Auction House

- If you are online, outbids don't generate mail, just a message and the crowns are directly deposited.
- Listing fee rejigged; should be fairer for cheaper items
- Allow sorting by lot size
- Sorting by bidPrice/buyPrice now sorts by price per unit
- Sorting by stars now defaults to a descending sort
- Most searching changes now instantly update the search results, except for text search
- The "my auctions" tab will now allow refreshing to see new data (and it automatically refreshes if switched-to and it has not been refreshed for a while)


- Some adjustments were made to the Heat Acquired UI to show the amount of heat you acquired in a level


- Canceled auctions will be purged.

Recent update

isroman, May 24, 11 10:14 PM.

I wanted to take a moment to respond to the recent threads about our first production update to Spiral Knights and tell you about the actions we plan to take.

First, I think it's important to talk a little about the design for Spiral Knights.

Items and crafting are a core part of the game. Achievement in the game is tied to finding and exploring the unique items it is possible to make. For that achievement to be meaningful, some of those items, the most interesting and satisfying to own, need to retain some level of rarity.

After launch, it became increasingly clear that several items that we thought pretty exciting to play with and which we expected to be rare in the game were becoming common. As a result, their value to players was diminished. It was hard for us not to think that this diminished the game.

This was the result of an oversight in our design, one we sought to correct in our most recent update. The change was intended to ensure a balance between rare and common items that allowed for a satisfying experience for players in the game.

Reading the forums, it is clear that some players were disappointed by the effects of this change.

We do plan to respond to the impact this change has created.

In considering this problem, we've had to balance two conflicting goals:

a) how can we retain the excitement of owning a relatively unique item that was a challenge to make and craft while;

b) allowing players to explore the option to make and trade items?

Ultimately, it's important for us that players that choose to craft their own items do not feel their experience can be easily matched by a player that decides instead to get their item from the Auction House or in trade. The progression of finding and crafting items is the core experience we built the game to provide for our players and we will not see it devalued.

So: the question comes down to how we can ensure that traded items remain premium rather than being devalued as was occurring before the update.

Over the next month, we plan to implement a new store that will allow players to "unbind" items. There will be a fee for doing so, roughly equal to the cumulative cost of crafting that item.

This action will change the nature of the market for crafted items into one for premium goods. A market, we hope, that will still be interesting to players focused on crafting and trading. It is better to be a trader in valuable goods than common commodities.

More importantly, however, by making traded high end items a premium good, we are respecting the experience of players that choose to craft and use their own items.

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